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Excellence in suspension sector, Öhlins is at the forefront since over 30 years in design and develop of two and four wheels suspension. Thanks to the expertise of its technical staff, Öhlins provides support and service to the manufactures teams of all the motorsport classes, from MotoGP to Formula 1. Winning strategy of the Swedish Company is the wide range of products offered to the customers with the same features and the same service of the suspension used by the teams in the national and international competitions in over 50 Countries.

Andreani Group

Thanks to the solid expertise built by the Racing Service on any category circuit, Andreani Group develops and manufactures an assortment of tools designed to improve suspension performance, and advanced machinery to efficiently work on forks and shock absorbers.


The range of wheel spacers DWS (Dynamic Wheel Spacers) is provided of advanced features that assess a decrease of roll and charge transfers, and make the drive more easy, sharp, safe and comfortable. Made of high quality aluminum alloys and manufactured with an innovative forging process CNC machined to obtain perfect flattening, they are also subjected to a thermal treatment to increase mechanical resistance.


This American Company is specialized in the production of high technology and performing breaking equipment for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles made for track and off road competitions and for regular use, as well. Driven by a «without compromise» philosophy, PFC Brakes puts its standard with advanced braking parts with the goal of leading the market with performance and endurance.


It's the world leader Company in silicon hose production for motorsports. Samco displays a complete range of racing hoses available in a variety of curves, reducers, connectors and adapters with several diameters and angles that allow making any kind of set up. These hoses are chosen by the most important teams of Formula 1, WRC, Moto GP and world Motocross championship, because, due to a more stable flow and more breakup, worn and heat resistant materials, their use guarantees a performance increase with an improvement of reliability, as well.


The range of SuperB batteries designed for motorsport are more reliable and long lasting compared to cars' traditional batteries. Based on the lithium ion technology, they offer a high starting power, they have a beneficial weight/volume ratio, they can work between - 30 and + 60 centigrade degrees without suffering external conditions and they self-discharge very slow.

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